Travel Lighting in England

After nearly eight months of staying put in the US, I returned to a small town, Lewes, in Southern England last week. It’s without a doubt the loveliest place I’ve ever been and the family that I stay with is equally lovely.


Back in California, I had been hunting for some lightweight, portable lighting to take on my travels and I finally found just what I needed before flying to England thanks to suggestions from a wonderful photographer friend. During a walk through the South Downs, I was able to test out my new equipment.



This setup is made up of:

•26" Westcott octa soft box

•YN560-II speedlite

•Mefoto monopod

•Phottix receiver & transmitter

It collapses down small enough that I can fit it into my 16” x 11” Kelly Moore camera messenger bag.



My good friends, Dave & Cissy, were kind enough to model for me as I tested the lighting out. These photos were taken at shutter speed 1/125th, f/ 3.5, at ISO 50 with my 35mm 1.4 lens.

I’m really pleased with this new asset to my travel photography and am excited to add it into my photojournalism work when I arrive in Ghana next week. New photos to come!